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what is authylem?

Authylem was founded with the idea of showcasing the honest truth in mind. We so often see people talking about truthful art as being raw, and while we definitely want to see your raw art, we also want to make a home for the polished and still truthful art, as well as anything in between.

The word "authylem" is a combination of the words "authentic" and "ylem" because not only do we believe in a sense of authenticity, but we also believe that to get to the truth you need to look at the core; at the beginning.

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our theme

With 6,500 modern languages in our world and even more no longer spoken, language is essential to our human experience. We communicate in so many different ways, whether it’s through speech or text, bodies or signs, we all have something to say. Venture into our pasts with dead languages and things left unsaid, or jump into a world of your creation with figurative language and your personal vernacular. Maybe language is your medium or it’s the way you help others understand your work, but all artists have a relationship with it. No matter the way you look at it, we want to know: what does language mean to you?


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